Ethereum: Constantinople Hard Fork to come in January

Updates at Ethereum: The Hard Fork Constantinople, which has already been postponed several times, will be released in January 2019. This was confirmed by parts of the Ethereum development team at the Ethereum Core Developer Conference on December 7th.

Ethereum Core Devs Meeting Bitcoin trader

With Constantinople, the transition from the controversial Proof-of-Work process to the Proof-of-Stake process is within reach. This is mainly intended to increase the efficiency of the Bitcoin trader network in reaching a consensus. In this context, the Bitcoin trader also want to prevent mining devices, such as those increasingly used at Bitcoin, from being used in the Ethereum environment.

Ethereum course continues in the bear paws of the crypto trader

Meanwhile, the crypto trader exchange rate is still below the US$ 100 mark. Within the last 24 hours it has risen by a modest 1.4 percent. In the 7-day review, however, it is still just under 17 percent that the Ethereum exchange rate had to concede. Thus it is at present 93 US Dollar. The news situation here sometimes seems to correlate only marginally, if at all, with the price development. Apart from the current further developments of the technology, there was only recently another big announcement in the crypto trader environment. For example, the University of Basel named Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin a doctor just ten days ago. Accordingly, he became – on behalf of many in cryptospace – the first official cryptodoctor.

Third place or not: Ethereum is one of the blockchain projects that is bravely developing despite the bear market and the winter mood. The crypto currency, which added smart contracts to the Bitcoin universe and paved the way for ICOs with the ERC20 tokens, now aims to bring another turning point in the history of Ethereum into the ecosystem with Block 7,080,000. From then on, it will be possible for users to decide to work with Constantinople. As soon as the block has been excavated for the first time, the upgrade will also become active. According to one of the developers, this should be the case between 14 and 18 January, as he confirmed at Ethereum Core Developer Meeting #51. Here’s the whole video: